New Research Reveals How Brands Acquire, Analyze, and Enrich Customer Data

Finding and using high-quality third-party data to complement your first-party data is crucial to your organization’s marketing success. So how are other brands going about it? Wiland recently partnered with Digiday to find out how forward-looking brands, publishers, and agencies are using data to improve personalization and activate higher-performing campaigns.

The State of Marketing Data Enhancement and Analytics reveals:

icon-checkmark-v1  How marketers can identify—and fill—gaps in their customer and prospect knowledge

icon-checkmark-v1  How to improve marketing outcomes by analyzing and enriching consumer data

icon-checkmark-v1  The most important use cases for third-party data

icon-checkmark-v1  The real impacts of AI and identity resolution for data-driven marketers

A Sneak Peek at the Findings


of brands say that their internal teams play a significant role in data analytics


of agencies say they are enhancing their clients’ customer data with data from external sources


of brands say they obtain enhancement data from four or more external sources