Get the latest research into direct mail's role as a performance channel in the omnichannel ecosystem

Direct mail has a starring role to play in the modern marketing playbook. Its inherent measurability makes it a performance channel of the first order. Even digitally native direct-to-consumer brands have discovered what direct mailers have long understood: this is a channel that drives superior response rates and delivers high ROI.

But what is direct mail’s likely future? 

Winterberry Group conducted extensive research with more than 500 marketing and agency executives along with dozens of industry experts to bring fresh, intelligent perspective on this nearly $40 billion marketing channel. Among the many insights you’ll discover:


How rising postage costs and economic headwinds will be offset by better data


The projected future investment in direct mail spend by U.S. marketers


How eleven different vertical markets now view direct mail’s role in their marketing mix


How direct mail is becoming a more nimble, adaptable, technology-enabled channel


Direct mail’s new role in omnichannel strategy


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